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The Mount Holyoke Alumnae Club of Portland aims to facilitate communications, networking, and professional development for Mount Holyoke alumnae in and around Portland Oregon. We can be reached at:


LinkedIn: The Mount Holyoke Alumnae Association of Portland


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  • Kate Hobbie '69 says:

    Wish I could make it on the 21st, but I’m all tied up that afternoon. Please include me in emails for future get-togethers!

  • Meredith Peters says:

    Hi all MHCPDXers,

    I’m a native Portlander who graduated from MHC in 2010.

    I’ve been unable to attend any of the events planned with our lovely ladies so far since being home, but I would like to get to know some of you somehow.

    I was a music major and a psychology minor. I’m currently living at home, and trying to find a job in this … less than perfect economy.

    I would love to find a time to meet up with one or more of you to discuss “professional” life, and/or just to get to know more of you!!



  • Margaret Baldwin says:

    I have just moved to Portland from the Bay Area where I was in a book club with several MHC alums, though it was not exclusively MHC. Now I am looking for a book club and am delighted to find that you have started one. Sorry I missed the first meeting, but please keep me posted on the next one. I am the class of ’69. I haven’t started to do Facebook yet, but maybe will now that I am retired. For now, my email works.

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