July Book Club Meeting

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On July 21, 2013 the book club will meet in Cape Meares, OR at the Oregon coast (home of Veronica Paracchini ’67) where we will discuss Mink River by Brian Doyle. Some book club attendees plan to make this a weekend at the coast, and some plan to bring spouses or partners. We encourage those planning more than a one-day trip to look fairly soon online for places to stay, as this is peak season at the beach. Closer to the event we will help arrange car pooling for interested attendees. If you plan (even tentatively) to join the group at Cape Meares, please contact Eleanor Manning ’06 (mhcpdxclub@gmail.com) ASAP so that Veronica knows whether or not to book a place larger than her home for the meeting. 


Annual Meeting and Call for Volunteers!

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To maintain our current schedule of events (and hopefully improve upon it) we appeal to anyone who is interested in volunteering with the Mount Holyoke Alumnae Club of Portland to please contact us (mhcpdxclub@gmail.com).  As the club is still a young, evolving organization, here are some questions and suggestions that may help you decide whether you would like to support the club in a more active role:

Would you be interested in having a leadership role in the club where you plan events and work closely with other Alums and the Alumnae Association to determine the trajectory of the club (and have approximately an hour each week you could spare)?  You might be interested in joining the Planning Committee.

Do you wish the club was doing totally different events, and heading in a totally different direction?  We bet you have great ideas, you should join the Planning Committee and take on a leadership position.

Are you far too busy to consider a week to week or month to month commitment, but you would love to organize a stand-alone event, like a hike, a networking event, or a cultural outing?  That would be great, the Planning Committee would love to help you organize that event. 

Would you interested in hosting a potluck, book club, or tea in your home?  The club is always looking for low-cost meeting spaces.

Are you great with email and social media?  Please help us improve our communications systems!

Some of the suggested activities that the Portland Club, with more volunteer support, would be thrilled to engage in are: inviting a speaker from Mount Holyoke to Portland for a lecture and reception; organizing more career-oriented events; working with the Admissions Office and local high schools to honor distinguished students with Book Awards; participating in more volunteer activities; supporting current local students by sending them care packages; improving our website and communications outreach; and organizing group outings to area cultural activities.

Please join us on May 9, 2013 from 5:30 PM-7:00 PM in the Back Tea Room of the Heathman Hotel for our Annual Meeting and Happy Hour Get Together

We hope anyone who is interested in volunteering can attend our upcoming get together (and/or contact us via email).  Please also attend if you are unable to volunteer with the club, but would like to get together for a casual happy hour!

May Book Club Meeting

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Please join us on Sunday, May 19, 2013 from 2:00-4:00 PM where we will be discussing The Book of Salt: A Novel by Monique Truong.  

The location will for this event will be announced via an Evite.  

Accepted Students Reception

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Please join us in welcoming the local newly accepted students at the home of Heather Kientz, ’91 on Thursday, April 11, 2013 at 7:00 PM.   The accepted students will surely welcome the chance to hear about our Mount Holyoke experiences and insights during this exciting time for them.

Address and details are found on the Evite for this event.

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